Functional Art

While my daughter has been a competitive rock climber for 4 years, my husband, son and I have only recently taken up the sport. Due to her training schedule, we have plenty of time to “hang around” the gym and practice our new skills. Before we even had ever put hand or foot on a climbing wall, we decided to commit to the sport and bought the necessary gear. Unfortunately, we live in a very small house and it became clear that we needed a home for our equipment. A place that would store it safely and be easy for us to grab as we ran out the door for training (we run late a lot for the carpool to training).

The gear has become a form of functional art on the wall by our front door and I can’t help but be happy every time I look at it. I have fallen in love with the sport and I can see why it is growing so quickly. The community of climbers is amazing and incredibly supportive. It is natural to start chatting with someone new to the gym, new to the sport or to give and accept beta, feedback about the route/problem. The comradery between climbers is most clear at competitions. These climbers train at all different gyms yet when they come together at competitions, they cheer for each other regardless of which team they climb with. Whether you are a seasoned climber or the novice, it is a safe and supportive environment to push yourself and try something new. 

Kandice Leaf