Lesson Learned

Today was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to head out to a local mountain to go snowshoeing as a family.  I have wanted to go for the last couple of years but as cross-country skiers we always choose to ski when we have the time.

We set out in the early afternoon, just the four of us… and, as we drove up the mountain, what seemed like most of the rest of the Lower Mainland. Many people looking to enjoy one of the last days of 2016 and a sunny day on the slopes.  

After renting equipment, bundling up in our “winter warmies” (jackets, toques and gloves), a washroom break, then finally strapping on our snowshoes, we were off.  Sun, snow, trails… what a glorious day! The beauty of snowshoeing is that if you can walk, you can snowshoe.  A new experience for the kids, my son missed having his skis so he could fly down the hills while my daughter seemed to appreciate the safety of solid ground beneath her.

While on the trails, I took a lot of pictures. With a crisp day like today, how could I not capture the beauty.  Yes, well, my novice skills were in full swing today.  I didn’t really pay much attention to the settings on the camera.  Someone (my daughter) had set it to manual use when she was in a photography course this past summer... Now, to be fair, I did notice this setting before I took my first photo today but thought “Meh, it probably doesn’t matter!”.

Well, yes!  Yes it does matter!  Needless to say, I did not capture the beauty of the day quite like I imagined it but I did get a couple nice shots. The best ones came from my cellphone (thanks Samsung for being so great!) but thankfully there are a few from the “good” camera too (Nikon you’re pretty good too, better when one knows what they are doing).

The first one below, was taken with my cellphone.  While we were trekking back to return our gear, the kids tangled with each other while racing through the snow.  They collapsed at the base of this tree where someone had envisioned an elephant.  Acting on their vision, they carefully added a few markings in the snow so others (those lucky enough to notice) would see the vision as well.  We probably would have missed it had the kids not been chasing each other.

The second is a photo of the icy top of a tree against the sharp backdrop of the blue sky.  It has not been photoshopped although it could use some touching up.  For those that live in Vancouver, you understand how precious sunny winter days can be.  I tried to capture the coldness of the day mixed with the perceived warmth of the winter sun. 

Kandice LeafComment