Creating Art

Have you ever felt that deep down inside there was an artist lurking somewhere within?  Have you ever looked at beautiful paintings in amazement, wishing you could do something just as stunning?  Have ever pushed your creative side away because you are too busy or can’t think of what to create?  Have you created something but felt too self-conscious to share it with anyone?

When I was about 14 years old, I began writing a novel.  I pulled out the typewriter (computers only had DOS back then and you had to program it yourself) and I sat down to write.  I can’t remember what the story was about but I remember that I wrote for about 3 days and completed 4 or 5 chapters.  I was really excited about what I was doing but I was too scared to share it with anyone.  I remember telling a friend about it and being teased, “You really think YOU could be a writer?”

That comment brought an end to something that COULD have been amazing.  In fact, it was AMAZING! It was amazing because I was willing to bring my imagination to life.  Putting names to the characters I could see in my mind.  I was creating something that came from my soul.  Unfortunately, I let someone else’s opinion (they hadn’t actually read what I had written) stop me from continuing forward.  I swallowed those comments and let them drive my self-esteem down to a low level.

Thankfully, age is a great reminder that if you want share something with the world, just do it! Be open, be daring! People will have their opinions and it’s okay if they don’t agree with you.  An opinion is just that, one person’s feelings towards something.  It doesn’t mean they are right or wrong, all that matters is what YOU believe is right.  I find the older I get, the more bold I become. Willing to take more risks and allow my real self be seen. 

Last year I decided that I needed to get reacquainted with my creative side.  I went to the local art store and bought some paints and canvases.  I was so excited, the ideas running wild through my mind.  It felt great to paint and create images that flew through my hand.  It was like the brush was under it’s own power.  There were times I could barely keep up with the thoughts. 

While these paintings are not Da Vinci or Picasso, they are works of art to me.  I can look at one and still feel the same passion I felt on the day each one was painted.  These paintings are hung up around my house with pride and I have even shared a cropped photo of one here on the website. 

In the spirit of sharing and putting myself out of my comfort zone, today’s photo is of a piece that makes me think of the Perseid Meteor shower that happens every August.  Such beautiful colours of the night sky highlighted by glimpses of streaks from the meteors. 

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