Alone With the Sunset - Fiction

As she watched the sun dip down below the horizon, she wondered what the evening would bring.  Her dreams flitting far off in the depths of her soul, she knew that if she could just find the strength to forge ahead, all that she desired would land softly at her feet.  

The bitter wind blew and snapped her back to the present moment, the setting sun meant only one thing.  She knew she had to find shelter soon or she would certainly freeze. Exposure to the elements was a sure-fire way to bring an end to the search, no doubt stopping her before she could bring peace to those around her.

Gathering up the heavy framed canvas pack that held all her worldly possessions, she took a quick glance around to ensure no one had followed her.  Once certain that no one was watching, she moved towards the tree line of the forest behind her in search of warmth, in search of those she loved. 

Kandice LeafComment