Morning Rituals

Do you have a morning ritual that sets you up mentally and/or physically to conquer the day?  Is it hitting the gym first thing in the morning, before heading off to work?  Is it a coffee and bagel before you dare mutter a word to anyone?  Or do you just hit the ground running, eager to meet the day head-on?  

One of my favourite morning rituals, on days that I’m in the clinic, is popping in to the local coffee shop for a hot drink and a muffin.  Working in a busy clinic, there is very little time between clients to refuel.  This all-important stop en route to the office allows me to grab a healthy snack that is quick and easy to eat.  It also gives me the time necessary to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

With coffee/tea and muffin in hand, I know that no matter how busy the day becomes, I took the time to put myself in a good frame of mind by putting myself first.  I have learned the importance of this lesson over the years and while sometimes I must consciously practice the lesson, it gets easier to do with every passing day.

Drop me a line, via the comments or Facebook, and let me know how you prepare for the day. 

Kandice LeafComment