Big Blue

A cold afternoon walk along the path in the neighbourhood.  There is this line of young trees planted in a row.  I love the angle of this picture as it frames in “Big Blue”, a crane that was installed a couple of years ago. 

I remember watching the crane rise up, in pieces.  First it was the single solid leg, then a few days later the two smaller legs.  Later, the last few pieces on top.   My husband and I talked about it.  “What is it and is it going to stay?”  We hadn’t kept up with the local news so we had no idea what was being erected. 

Slowly, trickling through the neighbourhood, talk of the structure circulated.  It was the new crane that the local company was building as it prepared for a new ship building contract.  Many of the neighbours hated the sight of it and felt it was going to take away from the beauty of our community. 

I loved it from the beginning.  Our community is like a small town from the 1950’s.  The area is very quiet and we know every person on the street (and many neighbours two blocks either direction).  We have an industrial area on one end and the main road on the other.  There is only one way in and that is from the main road.  This keeps our community quiet as cars can’t cut through, keeping our kids safe in the summer when they are out playing in the streets, having fun, being kids. 

Big Blue reminds me that while life gets busy and changes so quickly, we need to remember where we came from.  Remember the time when life didn’t move so fast.  Remember what it was like to be a kid in a small town in Alberta.  How much fun we had just being a kid. 

Kandice LeafComment