When It Hurts Enough, Change Will Come!


In life, it can be difficult to make changes. The brain has the responsibility to keep the internal systems at a specific level. Homeostasis keeps pH, blood pressure, heart rate, hormone levels constant. By keeping the body in a comfortable zone, the brain stops the body from doing something that create major change in the internal systems. Life goes along with the brain keeping everything in check.

The brain is an amazing structure capable of growing and remodeling. Changing in accordance to the stimuli encountered day to day. To function at it’s prime, it needs to be stimulated.

Without stimulation, the brain sends out a signal to indicate that while all systems remain constant, a bigger problem is growing. The brain is not being challenged and the nervous system begins to sense trouble. Anxiety begins to build and panic starts to rise.

The purpose of life is to learn, grow, challenge ourselves, challenge others. Be big and bold. It is hard wired in our brains. Without stimulation and challenge, quality of life, happiness and satisfaction decreases at an increasing rate. Depression and anxiety sets in. It’s not surprising when seniors are asked about regrets in life, a common answer is that they didn’t challenge themselves enough or try more things.

By keeping “safe” and staying within our comfort zones, we are actually doing more harm than good. At the time it may seem like the best option yet in the long run it has negative effects. The brain and body start to experience fatigue, anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction in life.

It isn’t a coincidence that there is a growing need for blogs, self-help books, motivational speakers, etc. There is a growing demand from people looking for resources. Asking for help in finding their way. To find ways to get UNSTUCK. The number of blogs, websites, e-books, self-help books continues to grow at amazing rates. Gurus and experts promising to lead their readers to clarity and motivation.

Mel Robbins talks about hesitation, hiding, helplessness and being hypercritical. Mel is one of the most sought after speakers around the world, helping people find clarity and courage to move forward and be the best they can be.

Todd Brison writes about The Creative Curse. Helping readers dig deep into their souls to find their creative side. Teaching people to discover their true passion and happiness and encourages people to do what they love.

Revolutionize Aging author Sensi Sia, shows us the importance of pushing ourselves forward in health, fitness and spirit. As we age, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking we can’t continue to grow and improve the world around us. Having a strong support group and mentor can help keep us on track with our goals, at any age.

With a plethora of information available, here is one thing I’ve discovered so far…

Many people experience the feeling of being stuck in life. The ones that are successful in pulling away and finding success and fulfillment are the ones that hit their own personal rock bottom. They have discovered that it hurts more to continue on the same path than to change directions. They push themselves outside of their comfort zones. They ask themselves the hard questions about where they need to make adjustments. They take the steps to make the necessary changes.

Pain is an incredible motivator! Without it, why would anyone WANT to change, grow and move forward. Sure, change is hard. The unknown is scary.

BUT… Isn’t it even more terrifying to stay on the same trajectory? Heading down the same path, in the direction that you know doesn’t bring you any joy?

Isn’t that the definition of CRAZY… Doing the same thing over and over, with the expectation that the results will be different.

So, why continue to live like that? Make the CHANGE. You might as well start TODAY!

It is the little steps we take from day to day that affect how we feel and dictate the direction we go. I’m not saying you have to change over night. In fact I’m not saying that at all. Too much too soon could have a negative effect if your brain goes into overload. Therefore…

Small changes accumulate into BIG successes!

Write down your goals. What is one thing that you can do today that will be different than what you did yesterday, in achieving those goals. One little thing a day. That is all you need to concentrate on.

At the end of the day, review that goal. Write down what you did differently, how did you feel about that? What will you do differently tomorrow?

Life is about lessons and learning as much as we can from the world around us. There are lessons around us to be learned in everything we do. As a society, we have become so busy being busy, that we have forgotten what it takes to move forward. All I’m asking is for one small step.