Some Days You Have It. Some Days You Don't.

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You know those days… 

I think everyone has experienced one. In one way or another.

Those days where you wake up in the morning and think “Today is my day! I feel awesome and I’m going to be UBER productive. The world is my oyster and nothing can stop me!” 

The day starts off great. You tackle your To-Do list for the article you are writing. Checking each item off, one by one. Creating the article, you are in the zone and the words flow faster than your hands can type. 

The phone rings, you hesitate to answer it… “It might interrupt my flow…” You answer it to find a friend on the other line. She needs to chat, she is having a bad day. You are always there for your friends, so you settle in for a long conversation. 

You are always there for your friends and family. A short break isn’t a big deal. You are happy to have answered the phone and caught up with your friend. An hour later, the call ends. “I’ve got to get back to that thought I was working on…” 

Before you sit back down, you realize the dishes are still stacked by the sink from breakfast and the laundry didn’t get put in the machine last night. It has been piling up and if you don’t attack it now, you are going to end up with a clothing emergency. No one wants that….

Dishes in the dishwasher. Laundry in the washing machine. 

You sit back down at your computer and begin typing away, attempting to find your flow once again. 

In the distance you hear the local work yard whistle indicate that it’s noon. “Crap! How did it get so late already? No wonder I’m hungry! I’ll just make a quick lunch and eat at my desk. It won’t interrupt my flow, I’m sure of it.”

An hour later. Lunch eaten, Facebook and Instagram checked, emails answered. Your thoughts return to your work. 

You’ve forgotten what you’ve written so far. You re-read it and start to make a few edits. Your number one rule is to NEVER edit your article before you’ve finished creating it. You just can’t stop yourself though. It reads much better now and you continue writing.

Writing, thinking, writing, researching, writing… You struggle to regain your flow of thought from this morning. “What was that comment I wanted to add? Darn, I can’t remember… I’m sure it will come back to me.”

You are in the zone and you startle when you hear the front door open. The kids are home from school. “What? It’s three o’clock already?”

“Mom, what’s for snack? I’m starving? What are you doing? Can I read it? I need help with my homework. Mom… ”

You sigh. Time to take a break and spend some quality time with the kids. You save your work and close your computer. Making a mental note of what you were about to add to the piece. You’re sure you’ll remember…

Homework, dinner, bath time, story time, bed time. 

You had hoped to be finished the piece by this evening, a personal deadline looming over you. 

It’s getting late and you sit with your partner and discuss the day. This is the best part of your day and you wouldn’t miss it for anything. Your article will have to wait until tomorrow. 

While you had great intentions this morning, sometimes life has a way of intervening. Sometimes you can ignore the little things and maintain your focus. Sometimes the big things smack you across the head and refuse to be ignored.

It’s always a choice though. Never regret the actions you take during the day. 

Tomorrow, you will regain your focus. You will complete your article and get it posted. You will succeed in what you are doing. 

Everything always works out in the end. 

(While parts of this story have happened at one time or another, thankfully the combination has never happened to me. It could though. I’ve learned that you must take what you can get and some days you have it and some days you don’t. I hope you enjoyed the story.)