Long Road Ahead

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They said it would be hard. Who knew that it would be this hard. I suppose the people who have come before. They knew!

I’ve never been one who accepted being told what I should or shouldn’t do based on other people’s experiences. I am an experience learner. I need to have the experience, not just be told about it.

I decided to do this challenge to find a better me. I guess I need to have blind faith that in the end, I will be improved. New and improved… I’m sure I will be.

The experts write that it takes 30 days to make a significant change. They say it’s the middle third of any challenge that is the most difficult. Well, today is one day closer to the middle. Today is day 6 of a 30-day challenge. That’s it… Day 6.

My 30-day challenge to blog daily. To kickstart the creative flow, create the habit of forming meaningful sentences together, reduce second guessing, and to have courage to hit the publish button. In hopes that I can build my writing skills and create the confidence that I know is deep within.

Perhaps I should ignore what the “experts” claim as reality. Maybe I’m finding it hard because they said it would be… People can be very suggestive. We learn it at a young age. Our caregivers telling us what to do based on their experiences. Maybe I will unlearn this habit during this challenge. Maybe that is the real lesson to be learned here.

Life would be boring if life was easy all the time. Guess what… I’m not feeling all that bored right about now.

Frustrated? Yes.

Questioning my sanity? Absolutely.

Ready to give up? Not a chance.

When things start to look bleak, the Universe has a way of always sending some sort of sign. Some sort of encouragement. Some sort of tap on the shoulder to say “You’ve got this kid! Keep going. You’re almost there.”

This morning, I spent two hours tapping away at the keyboard. Thoughts flowing in and out. Unable to grasp onto anything that made any sense. Discouragement and frustration entering the picture.

Not bored today… Nope! This is going to be a long day.

A beep from my computer, notification of a new email. I’m not in the zone of writing so I might as well read the message. It’s from the facilitator of the personal development course I’m in. She had an unfocused day yesterday, had to fight her way through the day.

We all struggle, even the experts.

A gentle reminder (and a smack up the back of the head, courtesy of the Universe…)

“Remember: Some days will be good ones, some days will be bad ones. But every moment you have a choice to make a shift for the better.”

Simple but oh so true. I even wrote something along the same lines the other day. Perhaps I should pay more attention to my own advice…

So, here it is. This is what I have for today. It’s honest and from the heart. The best posts I’ve written are always made of honesty and heart!

Enjoy every moment, learn from every experience. If you are struggling, keep your head up. It will get better from here. If you are having a fantastic day, ENJOY IT. Regardless of how you feel today, remember this… YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! YOU’VE GOT THIS!


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