3 Breaths

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“3 breaths. That’s all you need to do to change your way of thinking.”

“3 breaths. To change how you feel about something.”

“3 breaths. To allow your brain to respond to the stimuli it is receiving.”

“3 breaths. To increase your ability to control your emotions.”

“3 breaths. To change direction.”

The yoga instructor floated around the warm, dark, silent room. Her students laying in Shavasana, Corps Pose. Speaking words of encouragement. Words of enlightenment. Directing everyone into meditation. Guiding our minds toward blissful revelation of how much further we could reach.

“Before you rub an itch on your nose. Take 3 breaths. Maybe you will be able to stay in meditation for a few seconds longer.

“Before you relieve that tension in your leg when holding a standing pose. Take 3 breaths. Maybe you will find the strength to move through the burn.”

“Before you change the radio station in your car. Take 3 breaths. Maybe you will hear something beautiful that you would have otherwise missed.”

“Before you react to that person or situation. Take 3 breaths. Maybe you are meant to learn an invaluable lesson that you draw on one day.”

“Life has plenty to offer. Society needs to slow down and we need to be more mindful of our surroundings. In this busy world, we have become so focused on dealing with things in a knee jerk fashion. By breathing in the experience, we allow our minds to grow. We allow our world to expand. Slow down, enjoy the beauty of every moment. Peace and calmness is always within our reach. We only need to keep the space open for it to enter. Namaste”

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