There are some days that there is too much to do.

Whether our schedule is over booked or we’ve simply fallen behind.

Sometimes we are faced with tough decision.

Something’s got to give!

How do we prioritize the list of things we need to get done?

24 hours is NOT a lot of time.

First things first… A list!

Work, Kids, Play, Homework, Dinner

Musical instrument practice, Sports, Exercise

Write, Read


Some things clearly come before others.

No... Sleep is NOT at the top of the list!

Although, who wouldn't love to put sleep above everything else.

The world won’t end if I cut some things from the list.

That laundry pile can probably wait another day.

Practicing my violin or reviewing my kickboxing kicks could be cut.

Then I’ll never become the violin virtuoso or Black Belt. 

Other things CAN’T be cut, such as writing.

There is a big goal that has been set, posting a daily blog for 30 days.

Without writing something daily, my creative mind begins to go stale.

It’s day 10… I’m one third of the way there! I’ve got this!

Work – Done.

Kids – Fed. Homework complete.

Dinner – Prepared and ingested.

Sport – Survived another class.

Violin Practice – I’m sure I’m sounding better than yesterday.

Writing – Nearly done. Whatever I’ve got here, it will have to do for today.

I continually remind myself, as long as I keep my priorities in clear, I will succeed in completing any challenge I set. Achieving my Black Belt! Complex violin pieces! 30-day writing goal!

It’s all within reach.



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