The Best Medicine...


When was the last time you laughed? Full out, side-splitting, gut burning, belly jiggling laughter?

Was it because of something funny you saw at work? Did someone tell you a great joke? Did something hilarious happen on your way to the store?

Were you out with friends or were you home alone? Did you share the story with a loved one? Did you post a funny picture or link on Facebook or Instagram?

Laughter has amazing health benefits. It can reduce your stress and anxiety levels faster than any medication. You don’t need a prescription and you don’t need to worry if it is covered under your health insurance plan. IT’S FREE!

It strengthens and relaxes your muscles, increases your immune system and prevents heart disease. It helps build connections and brings people closer together. It promotes teamwork and can help diffuse a difficult situation.

It releases endorphins, reduces blood pressure and can even decrease pain. It distracts you from the weight of the world that we all carry around on our shoulders.

Laughter is beneficial even in times when things seem tough. It can lift your spirits and help you see your situation in a more positive light. Things might not seem as dark after a good chuckle.

Watch a comedy movie or television show with your favorite crazy actor. Read a funny book or pull out the ‘Sunday Funnies’ out of the weekend newspaper. Search for comedies on YouTube. They have a massive database of stand-up comedic acts such as Michael McIntyre or Russell Peters. Get together with some friends who you always have fun with. Plan a get together where everyone must bring a lighthearted game or funny story to share.

Spend time with people that make you laugh. Someone in my house is always doing something funny. Some nights it’s because some one launched a lacrosse ball across the room and it started bouncing off the walls at unexpected angles. Bashing around then becoming lost in some obscure place. Other nights, laughter will break out for no apparent reason. It’s random and we all end up laughing so hard that we have tears in our eyes.

Take the time to find a way to laugh at least once per day. Have fun and look for the humor around you. The world is an amazing place with some incredibly funny people. Keep an open mind and don’t sweat the small stuff.


Kandice LeafComment