Glistening in the Vibrant Sun

soaring sun.jpg

She knew there was more to life. More than following the same dull routine, driving the same tiresome route, having the same trivial conversations, day in and day out.

The agony she felt inside had started months earlier. The relentless stream of tears began to flow daily. A sad song, a funny joke, a loving embrace. Sometimes she would cry for this simple fact that she couldn’t stop crying.

There was no rational reason for the tears and distress. She had a good job, a loving family, a boyfriend whom she thought was “the one”. She shared an apartment with a friend and while on occasion they could only afford ketchup sandwiches for dinner, she didn’t feel unhappy. Just lost. 

The clinical diagnosis was depression. Medications prescribed to make everything numb, time off work so she could “Go out and smell the roses!” She didn’t have the energy to go out, the most energy she could muster was to drag herself from her bed in the morning. Then drag herself back to her room at night.

Days and nights passed and she found herself sinking deeper into the dark abyss. She knew something had to give, she hoped that she would be able to pull herself out of the fog before she succumbed to the demons inside.

She reached out to her boyfriend, begging him to come and stop her from doing something tragic. He refused, the strings of his affections controlled by someone else. The weight of the realization bearing down on her, choking the air from her lungs.

She cried, considered her options. Suddenly, her vision shifted. She finally comprehended the truth behind her pain. She was missing love, craving excitement, dreamed of a better life. She heard the wake-up call from her inner voice and knew the only answer was to break free.

She dug, she clawed, she grew and healed. She found her way back. Back to health, back to family, back to work, back to the world of the living.

She freed herself from his grip, took back her heart. Saved by her inner strength and courage. She soared that day, above the clouds, where the sun always shines. She glistened in the vibrant sun.

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