Lesson in Humility


A writing assignment, to write about a pivotal moment in life.

The desire to get the story straight.

To give life to the feelings experienced that day.

The pain of the memory.

Feelings festering deep inside.

The event, a fight.

A fight in a safe place.

A battle of strength, a battle of egos.

I lost. Or at the time, I believed I had.

Perhaps, I didn’t lose as badly as my ego lets me remember.

I walked away, physically unscathed.

Mentally defeated but a valuable lesson learned.

Don’t underestimate your opponent.

Tears flowed that day in front of friends and mentors.  

The opponent, she may have seen them too.

By the time they emerged, I no longer cared.

Physically, mentally, emotionally defeated.

Spiritually? Stronger.

Humility was the bitter lesson of the day.  

Wounds will heal.

The whole in my ego grows smaller every day.

I was the victor that day after all.

The lesson wasn’t who could hit harder.

The lesson was who learned more.

Kandice LeafComment