Applying Newton's First Law of Physics to Everything You Do


An object at rest, stays at rest. An object in motion, stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force – Newton’s First Law of Motion

Newton’s First Law of Physics, taught by harried teachers, desperately trying to get their students to learn the concepts behind physics so they can understand how the world works.

Did your teacher ever explain how this fundamental rule can be applied to your EVERYDAY life and not just Physics? It is relevant in EVERYTHING you do.

A couple examples:


You have an amazing idea! Something so fantastic it is going to change your life, possibly even the world. You know that you can make a difference and the idea will ABSOLUTELY change other people lives. You begin working on your project, bringing it into existence.

The first few days are brilliant, you are on FIRE! You focus your efforts 100%, nothing can stop you. You know where you are headed, you are DETERMINED to make this a reality.

Things are ticking along and you see the fruits of your labor start to take shape, you ease up to catch your breath. You pat yourself on the back, you’ve been so FOCUSED.

Suddenly, your motivation starts to fizzle, you start to allow distractions into your sights. Procrastination rears its ugly head.

Next thing you know, you have put the idea to the back burner and have become complacent that you aren’t meant to succeed, you return to the life you were living before. Your body, mind, spirit return to the resting state, the NEUTRAL ZONE where nothing changes.


You decide to get fit and you head back to the gym, your first workout in a long time. You quickly find the ULTIMATE WORKOUT ZONE and you work harder than ever before. You are a machine! You leave the gym floating from the endorphins surging through your veins. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!

You wake up the next day and can barely move. Every muscle, every tendon, every bone in your body seems to be determined to inflict some sort of ache, with every move. After a few days, the pain subsides. Thankfully, your body begins to feel amazing again.

It is time to hit the gym again but WAIT! You were in pain after the last session, maybe you won’t go. You don’t want to go through that again.


The key to Newton’s First Law, in relation to making change to yourself, to achieving your goals, is to apply CONTINUOUS force, at the same SPEED, in the same DIRECTION. You have been at rest for so long that any continual movement forward is going to take some effort. The first few steps may seem easy, but the real effort comes when you think you can ease up on the INTENSITY.

It takes time for ENERGY to intensify, for the change in direction to take effect. To succeed, you must stay FOCUSED on the goal and VISUALIZE the outcome you want to make the changes to stick.


Where are you ‘at rest’ in your life? Is there an area that you want to work on, make improvements, create change? What stops you from moving forward?

Make a list RIGHT NOW! List all the things that stop you from following through in achieving your goals. Write down every EXCUSE you can think of.

Now, think of Newton’s First Law and how it applies to your life. Write down how you are going to apply it to your goal. Write down as much detail as you can.

“I allow myself to be demotivated by the lack of visual results. I know change takes time to happen. I will apply the laws of physics and continue to apply intense focus to reaching my goals. I will concentrate on how I feel, I will visualize my success. This goal is vital to me because I am worth it, I am strong, I have a lot to offer.”

Include your goal in the statement. What is your plan? How are you going to measure the success? These are all key pieces to goal setting.

Knowing where there are bumps in the road, alerts you to the danger, prevents you from hitting them unexpectedly. No one likes to “bottom out” on a speed bump. You need to have an action plan, so you can glide easily and effortlessly over the obstacles that appear.

Take steps today to make change, apply the necessary force. You have it in you to ACHIEVE your goals and live the life you DESERVE.


Kandice LeafComment