Stepping Across The Comfort Zone Line...


Fear is that feeling deep inside you.  Felt in a situation where your ego tells you that you CAN’T.  The voice on your shoulder telling you that you aren’t STRONG enough or GOOD enough.  The little voice inside telling you that it’s UNSAFE, you need to TURN BACK. 

We all feel fear at different points and events in our lives but the message is the same for everyone.  You are toeing the line between staying the same and growing (even just a little bit).  The line between being comfortable and uncomfortable.

One might ask… Why would ANYONE want to feel uncomfortable?

The thought is scary to most people.  There is a growing online demand for articles, blogs, e-courses is proof that help people are looking to grow and nurture that inner voice that says “I’m feeling anxious about staying in one place. I need to move forward”. 

People want more fulfilling work, relationships, experiences.  People are seeking to be better versions of themselves.  To find this, we must push ourselves past our comfort zone, reach new limits within ourselves, change our internal boundaries by redrawing the line. 

Thankfully we have researchers such as Brene Brown, who has done extensive research on courage and vulnerability.  Motivational speakers like Mel Robbins who helps people get out of their own way by giving simple tricks to move forward and live their dreams.  Authors such as Todd Brison and Benjamin P. Hardy who write motivational blogs to help people regain their focus and move forward in life. Declan Wilson reminds us in Declan’s Daily 124, “With pain comes renewal.  With comfort comes stagnation.”

Next time you are faced with something that you’re afraid of, I encourage you to look at FEAR in a different light.  How would you feel if you thought of it as merely a decision waiting to be made, a step you must take, a fork in the road?  What if you looked at it as a signal from your inner voice telling you that something AMAZING is just around the corner?  That you are at a CROSSROAD and are about to make a decision that will have a massive impact on your life. 

At the boundary between comfortable and uncomfortable, you have two choices at that precise moment.

1.     I have this event in front of me.  I really want to do it as I know that I will come out the other side with new knowledge and having learned a new lesson.  I will be stronger mentally, physically and emotionally.  This is something I WANT to do.  Let’s do it!

2.     I have this event in front of me.  I know that if I push myself (or if I am forced) that I may end up in a poor mental state from where I started.  This is not worth the risk and I KNOW that this is too much for me.  I will reassess my needs / wants and move in a different direction.

You MUST decide a direction.  Forward or Backward.   

Everyone will have to make the decision that are right for them.  Regardless of the direction you took, you need to evaluate whether it was the right decision or not.  Ask yourself “Did I learn something from the experience?”  Every moment is a learning moment, you have to keep your eyes open for the lesson. 

For me, I have been letting fear win the battle of blogging.  This has been a goal of mine for many years and I have chosen not to move forward.  That is until today.  Hitting PUBLISH will no doubt be the most difficult hurdle I face today.  Here I am at the crossroad, I choose to move forward.  

Live the adventure, love the experience!