Seize the day!!

Today is the beginning.  The day where everything has changed.  The air feels different, the sky a little bluer, the wind bringing in something new and exciting.

Can you feel it?  

For me, it's the move towards the dream.  The goal that I set long ago.  Today feels like the right day to get started, to make it happen.

My usual distractions, the ones that have held me in place for far too long, have a lesser grip than normal today.  I even managed to talk myself out of adding another project.  My modus operandi for feeding my procrastination monster.

So let's get going.  This is a journey after all.  You can't have an adventure while standing still.  You have to take the first step, no matter how scary it may feel at the time.

Lessons will be learned.  Mistakes will be made.  I am ready and open to experience whatever comes my way.  

Live the adventure!  Love the experience! 

Sandhill road.jpg