What You Asked For.

Photo by  JD Mason  on  Unsplash

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

Hey Universe…. Can I talk to you for a moment?  

Hi Kandice! What’s up?

You know last week, when I made changes in my schedule, so I could spend more time on writing?

Yes, I remember.  You were excited that you’d given the required notice to leave your work at the clinic, BUT you felt agitated because you didn’t want to have to wait. You felt ready to jump in with both feet and waiting felt like a delay.

Right! Did you change the path I was on?

I decided to grant your request and help you learn to focus.   

Ah! So, you thought a big fall while rock climbing would be a good way to help me out? Do you think that a severe ankle injury was the best way to get me off work sooner?

I don’t suppose I gave it much thought. I heard the request and simply made it happen. 

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the extra writing time, BUT I was also looking forward to more time for climbing and kickboxing, the two sports I love.  Do you know how much damage is in my ankle? I'm not going to be able to any sports for months. 

Well, I kept sensing how frustrated you felt about waiting.  More importantly, I saw you struggling to focus whenever you sat down to write. You get up a lot, midway through a thought.

Fine, but I wasn’t asking to be relieved of my duty to my clients.  I was counting on those two months to close some client files before I left the clinic.

You know, I don’t deal with the specifics.  My job is to kick people in the ass so they can make things happen for themselves. To help people get what they want in life.

Okay… I want to be mortgage free, to be a successful writer and to be able to climb and travel anytime I choose.

Haha.  Yes, I know you do, and things are in the works to make that happen.  You need be patient. Some requests take longer than others.

Oh, I have a ton of patience.  And, lucky me, I get to spend the next couple of months developing more as I heal from this injury.

That a girl! Best to look at the positive side of the situation.  There is always a silver lining and a life lesson to be learned.

Oh, Universe! You know that I always look for the lesson to be learned.  Although sometimes it’s hard to figure out what it is.

Have you considered the other ways I could have made you sit down and focus on your writing?

As a matter of fact, I have.  THANK YOU for not giving me something more life-threatening or debilitating. 

Exactly.  The injury you received will help you with your writing. 

Oh really?  How do you figure that?

Sometimes you struggle with focus and staying on task.  Now you are forced to sit.  And if you’re forced to sit, you can focus on writing!  Writing is what you want to do, and now you have the time to do it.  I don’t see what the problem is here….

You have a good point there.  The problem is that now I have multiple ligament tears in my ankle which means that I can’t bear weight on my foot.  I can barely get around my house.

Ah. Yes, I see that is going to be hard for a while.  Just think about how much stronger you will be, both physically and mentally.

Great! I suppose the quote “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” adage would fit well here.

See! That’s the spirit.  You are always drawing on your experience and making it more positive.   

Can I point out one last complaint before I let this whole “poor me” thing go…

Sure, what is it?

Did you have to make it my RIGHT ankle?  I won’t be able to drive for a while!

I knew if you had injured your left ankle, you wouldn’t be forced to stay at home, which means you would focus less on the things that need to get done in your writing.  Everything has a purpose.

I guess you’ve got me there. 

Take care of yourself.  Don’t waste this opportunity! Remember your goals and get busy making them happen.  Oh, and Kandice….


Be careful what you wish for! 😊

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