Weekly Win - 2


This week has been a bit of a challenge due to my daughter being in bed with a high fever for 6 days.  Read 3 Reasons to Stay Home When You are Sick . This week has given me many opportunities to remember what is important and to look for the good in life. 

Here are a few of my wins:

I decided to sign up for a course that is going to push me WAY out of my comfort zone.  It is going to challenge me mentally and I’m excited yet terrified all at once.  It starts in two weeks so that should give me time to get over the nerves.  Thankfully the course involves “shy and introverted people” which I identify with, so it should be great… Right??? 😊

I received my third stripe in kickboxing which means that I’m nearly ready to test for my Low Black belt.  I have been training for 6 years (minus a year off for school) and I have been working on improving my posture for the spinning kicks.  Advanced testing is always tough, the biggest lesson is NEVER QUIT.  This test will be a test of my internal willpower and strength.

I have begun working on a new blog about climbing. Details will be released in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been busy this week putting together the concept, brainstorming topics and working on setting the launch date (still to be determined).

So, what are some wins for you? Let me know what’s going on for you at weeklywin@kandiceleaf.com

Have an amazing week!


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