Weekly Win - 3

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This week has gone pretty smoothly in the TiterLeaf household.  After the last couple of weeks, we are all very grateful to be healthy again, back to school/work and to have had time to get out for some family climbing.

Here are a few of my personal wins from this week:

I signed up for a Women’s Bouldering course at the local bouldering gym which starts in mid-February.  I’m super excited to meet some other women to climb with.  Hopefully, there will be enough women signed up for the course so it can go ahead.  If you are in North Vancouver and would like to take the course (and are female) check out The North Shore Hive courses to sign up. 

I have officially completed Suzuki Book 1 for the violin.  While I will still need to practice the songs from that book, my homework this week is for a couple of new songs in Suzuki Book 2.  Puya (my instructor) and I successfully played a duet together.  I laughed with excitement as we played our final notes.  It was an amazing feeling to know that I was able to stay on time with my piece and it sounded pretty cool.  Thanks Puya for your endless patience!

Progress on my climbing blog is coming along.  I finished the rough draft of a post about a fall I had last fall.  I didn’t think it would have affected me as much as it did, but my climbing hasn’t been as intense since it happened.  Reliving the event as I typed the words I felt inside was cathartic and soul healing.  I can feel that I am getting back to a point of being able to push a bit more on the wall.  My plan for climbing today is to practice falls so that I’m not worried about it when I need to be focusing on what my hands and feet are doing.

I’ve started my research on rehabilitation and prevention of common climbing injuries.  These will appear on my climbing blog once it is launched.  With the proper warm-up, practice, training, and post workout stretching, I believe that most injuries can be avoided or at least minimized. 

So, what are your wins this week? Remember, everything can be a lesson to be learned from.  Take a moment to appreciate the experience (good or bad) and look for the lesson.  Let me know what’s going on for you at weeklywin@kandiceleaf.com and I will be happy to include it in next week’s Weekly Win.

Weekly Quote

“We are so much more than we so often inherently believe.  To be clear, I don’t think there is a magic recipe for success, but what I do know it doesn’t happen alone.  And anything worth having doesn’t come easy.” – What Are You Up Against? – Tommy Caldwell – TEDxKC

Have a great week everyone!

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