Weekly Wins / Gratitude and Celebration

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Life, it comes fast and hard.  The world is changing so rapidly and it’s only getting faster, especially as the speed of technological development increases.  Sometimes, time passes quickly, making it hard to keep up with all the activities we pile on ourselves.  Other days, it passes like cold molasses and you find yourself looking at the clock every minute. Certain that at least five minutes has passed since you last looked (usually when doing something mundane and boring). 

Type “Benefits of Gratitude” into your favorite search engine and your screen will be flooded with studies showing the importance of expressing gratitude.  Benefits such as deepening the feeling of being grounded and connected to others, increasing happiness, and improving physical and emotional health. 

Who doesn’t want more good things, such as the above, in their lives!!!

To express gratitude for all the amazing things that happen every day, Weekly Wins was born to share the good things in life. Regardless of the size or importance of the event, every win, success and positive event should be celebrated. 

Please feel free to comment and share your wins from the week. I will incorporate some of the shared wins in my weekly post. Send your thoughts to kandice@kandiceleaf.com with Weekly Win in the subject line.

Stay tuned for this week’s Weekly Win!



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