Mosquito Creek, North Vancouver

Mosquito Creek, North Vancouver

It’s the first week of January and the kids are out of school until January 8th so it was a pretty relaxed week in the house. I had the opportunity to get out for a lot of walks, some with my husband and some solo.  I’m not sure which ones I prefer, they both have pros and cons. On a solo hike up a local trail, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while.  It was nice to catch up on what her and her family are up to.

Returning to work later in the week, I realized how much I had needed the winter break.  My head is clear and I have renewed drive to get my projects up and running so I can have more time for family, friends, climbing and travel.

On another solo hike this week, I listened to a podcast by Lewis Howes and Chris Lee.  They discussed setting boundaries in all relationships as well as respecting the boundaries set by others.  If you don’t respect yourself by setting parameters for others, how can you build strong relationship.  The answer is, you can’t. Respect yourself first people!!!

After listening to the podcast, I posted a screenshot, posted it to my Instagram account and tagged Lewis Howes and Chris Lee.  Now, these are very busy people not to mention it was on New Year’s Day.  The last thing I expected was to have much of a response from anyone in Instagram world.  About an hour later, I received a notification that Chris Lee liked my post and he left a comment.  He then followed me on Instagram.  Now, give me a moment while I jump up and down in excitement.  This may not seem like a huge deal to most people, but IT MADE MY DAY! Thanks Chris Lee.

The take away lessons for this week… Be YOURSELF, set standards that you are committed to live by, and communication is one of the keys to relationships with yourself and others. 

Next week, I’m hoping to have some contributions from other people to add.  I want to celebrate everyone’s successes. Send an email to weeklywin@kandiceleaf.com to add a submission to the weekly post.  I will be adding positive news articles as well.  Maybe one of them will be the Eastern Canada and US thawing out! Here on the West Coast, we are being drowned out with torrential downpour but I guess that is par for the course for us. 

Enjoy your week! Be your best!

HUSTLE and FOCUS will get you to where you want to be!

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