Weekly Win - 6

Happy Sunday!!! Hope you all had a great week.  It’s been sunny here in Vancouver for the last couple of days, and I think everyone is grateful to have a break from the winter rainstorms that we’ve been having.  Hey, I’m not complaining! We should have a significant amount of water in reserve for the summer thanks to the rain and a healthy amount of snowpack on the mountains. 

Here are a few wins from this week:

Spencer and I are working hard to get ready for our kickboxing belt testing in March.  We are training at least three times a week which includes sparing class at least once a week.  Sparing is an essential part of belt testing, one that makes a lot of people nervous.  Of course, personal safety (and not finding oneself in troubling situations) is the most important thing, but it's equally important to be able to defend oneself if the need ever arises.  

I completed the third week of an “acting” class at Actorium. This was by far the best class as I was able to let go of a lot of inhibitions about being loud and having my voice heard.  It’s great learning to turn the focus outside of myself. This reduces any anxiety about acting in a manner that I think people expect me to act.  It’s “un-acting” and very freeing. I’m looking forward to taking more classes in the future.

It’s Family Day weekend here in Vancouver, the rest of Canada celebrates Family Day next weekend! Thanks to the new BC NDP government, next year BC will get to celebrate Family Day with the rest of the country.  This is a BIG WIN for BC.  The previous Liberal government set a date for this holiday a week earlier than the rest of the country, and in doing so, people in different provinces were unable to celebrate Family Day together.  Crazy! Anyway, John Horgan (BC Premier) and his government have made the necessary corrections! Yippee!!

That’s it for this week.  I’m off to spend the rest of this beautiful day with the family.  This is going to be a big week getting Alana ready for Nationals along with the start of Women in Climbing at The North Shore Hive tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to meeting some new climbing partners.

Weekly Quote:  
“If you are doing your best, you won’t have any time to worry about failure.” – H. Jackson Brown

All the best this week!

Kandice LeafComment