Weekly Win - 20

Photo by  Elin Jonsson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Elin Jonsson on Unsplash

Happy Victoria Day!  The weather has turned again to cool, spring-like weather after two weeks of solid hot, dry days.  The change was quite welcome as temperatures in Vancouver had reached temperatures of 30 degrees.  For May, that is crazy!  I can’t think of another time that we’ve had such high temps in spring.  Beats the rain but wreaks havoc on our snow packs and increases the need for water restrictions in July and August.  

Anyway, on to this week’s wins. Enjoy!

This weekend we were away in Victoria, BC to watch Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) Climbing Nationals.  These climbers are the best climbers in Canada, having fought all season for a coveted spot at Nationals.  It was incredible to watch Alannah Yip, a world-class climber from North Vancouver, compete in the open division as well as up-and-coming climbers from across Canada competing in the junior level divisions.  Alannah Yip is someone to keep your eye on as she makes a run for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 

While on Vancouver Island, we celebrated my sister-in-law Jane's birthday. She was hoping to ignore the special day, but the family rallied her to come down from up-Island. Dinner was fantastic as my other sister-in-law Mary put on an amazing feast for the whole family. 

Alana’s training has wrapped up for the season so now she will start preparing for Team BC tryouts in July.  She is hoping to make it onto the development team which will supplement her training with Team Climb Base 5.

Weekly Quote: 
“To get over a mountain, you have to climb it.” - Jonathan Tesch

Have a great week! 

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