Weekly Win - 26

Photo by  Scott Walsh  on  Unsplash

Photo by Scott Walsh on Unsplash

Happy Canada Day!!! As you celebrate today, please take the time to acknowledge the land we are fortunate to gather on treaty and unceded traditional territories of First Nations peoples.

As a Nation, today we celebrate joining together as one united land, regardless of our differences.  Today we celebrate our country’s diversity, embracing all our neighbours.  Today we celebrate all the good that we have in our country. Get out and enjoy one of the many community celebrations that are happening around the country.

Today is also the middle point of the year! Can you believe we are halfway? Crazy! I’ve been waiting for weeks to be able to say that! 😊

Here are a few wins for the week:

On Wednesday, the TiterLeaf family drove to Squamish and met up with Colin at Squamish Rock Guides. We spent the day learning the basic skills needed for outdoor rock climbing. Outdoor climbing was utterly new to Spencer and me, Rob and Alana have done some in the past. It’s incredible how different indoor and outdoor climbing is, and there is nothing quite like the feel of real rock in your hands as you send a route. We had a blast, and now we can’t wait to get out and practice. Now we have to wait for the warm, dry weather to return.

As I prepare for my upcoming SKF Kickboxing belt test in four weeks, my Sensei and I have been working on breaking down a couple of the kicks that I will need to demonstrate in the test.  I can do the kicks, but this past week, we slowed things down to correct a few bad habits I’ve picked up.  I’m looking forward to showing all the Senseis and Master Ingrid at the end of the month.

Alana decided not to work this summer and to take summer school to get ahead in Math. She and Rob have been going over the material that will be covered, and she has been diligently working away at it a couple of hours a day for the last few weeks. Her hard work will pay off as she works towards making her last few years in high school.

Weekly Quote:
“While seeking the freedom of the hills, we come face to face with ourselves.”
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

Enjoy your week everyone!

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