Weekly Win - 30

Douglas Coupland Display at Vancouver Aquarium — photo by Kandice Leaf

Douglas Coupland Display at Vancouver Aquarium — photo by Kandice Leaf

Hey! Can you believe we are at week 30 already? Here in Vancouver, summer is in full swing, and we are experiencing yet another heat wave. Now, I’m not one to complain about the heat, but this past week, there has been little reprieve from it. British Columbia is in desperate need of some rain to cool things off and help with the forest fires that have been blazing around the province. 

Ready for this week’s wins? Here we go… 

Early Tuesday morning, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their fourth child, Maclaren Lily Anderson, into the world.  Her three brothers are already in love with her, as is the rest of the family. She is adorable, and Alana is smitten with her, holding her for nearly two hours when we met her.  Maclaren is the eighth grandchild for my mom (and dad who's passed) and second grand-daughter.

On Thursday evening, I tested for my Low Black belt in SKF Kickboxing and Karate. Going in, I knew that this test was going to be tough. At this level, the demand is high, and Master Ingrid always pushes us past the point which we think we can go. This test was no different! I don’t know how many jump spinning hook kicks we did as I lost count after forty. By the time we started them, we had already done combinations and every other kick possible, most of them including some sort of jump or spin. We did it though! On to the next leg of this journey. I have learned many lessons, the main one being humility. I am incredibly grateful for the amazing support of the Champions family (instructors and students). 

Spencer and I took advantage of his day off on Wednesday and headed to Stanley Park for a walk. In search of somewhere cool after our walk, we headed to the Vancouver Aquarium. I haven't been there in years. Our favourite exhibit was the Douglas Coupland display bringing attention to how much waste is in our oceans. It's terrifying how much garbage is floating around. Thankfully there are some brilliant minds at work to help clean things up, but we all still have to do our part. Recycle as much as you can! 

Alana has three final days left of summer school. This means we will be able to get back to climbing regularly both inside and outside. I love summer, but it messes with our climbing routine. I haven’t seen our climbing partner Susi in nearly a month. We’re all looking forward to getting back into our groove. Best of luck Alana on your final exam next week!

Weekly Quote:
“Perfect love is the most beautiful of all frustrations because it is more than one can express.” Charlie Chaplin, from “My Autobiography”

Enjoy the sunshine. Stay hydrated. 

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