Weekly Win - 32

View on Raven’s Eye Cliff Walk — Photo by Rob Titerle in Whistler, BC

View on Raven’s Eye Cliff Walk — Photo by Rob Titerle in Whistler, BC

Greetings from Whistler, British Columbia! It’s our annual family vacation to Whistler for my birthday weekend. It’s been a great trip so far although Spencer hasn’t been able to join us for much of it. Someone has to stay home and housesit… Just kidding. Sadly, he had to work, so he was unable to join us this trip other than a single day trip up to see us.

There are a few wins for this week so let’s get started!

I’ve been working on stepping out of my comfort zone over the last couple of years.  I usually push through some sort of fear while in Whistler and this year is no different.  Friday, we went white water rafting with Wedge Rafting and had a fantastic adventure. Spencer was able to join us for this excursion and so the four of us, along with two others and our guide Taylor from New Zealand, rode the rapids on Green River towards Nairn Falls. We travelled approximately six kilometres and went through three different sets of rapids. We all survived, and no one fell out of the boat. Hurray!

After taking the gondola up Whistler Mountain, we then took the Peak Chairlift to the new Cloudraker Suspension Bridge and Raven’s Eye Cliff Walk. Offering incredible views we’ve never seen before, you can see every angle of the valley below. If suspension bridges aren’t your thing, you can take the trail to the opposite side so you can still experience the sights.

This week has been a scorcher here in Southern BC. Temperatures hit 35 degrees this past week in Whistler, and we had to find some cool activities to do when the day was at it’s hottest. We went to Escape! Whistler which has four different escape rooms to try. This year, we did “Pinball,” and WE ESCAPED! Escape rooms are fantastic (if you haven’t tried one, you must go do it!) for team building, problem-solving, confidence building. Sure, there was a tense moment or two when everyone seemed to be panicking and yelling, but we pulled through. I’m sure we’re a stronger family now because of it… Right!

Weekly Quote:
“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then you shall truly dance.” – Khalil Gibran, Lebanese poet

Have a great week!

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