Weekly Win - 38

Graphite drawing - Moose Meadows, Banff, AB - Kandice Leaf

Graphite drawing - Moose Meadows, Banff, AB - Kandice Leaf

Welcome to week 38! Can you believe how close we are getting to the end of 2018? As we say goodbye to summer, it’s hard to believe how quickly it passed by.  Here in Vancouver, the last couple of weeks have been extremely soggy with Mother Nature is giving us an early taste of what’s in store for the fall.

It’s been a quiet week around the TiterLeaf household, but here are a few wins.

I’ve been working my way through a drawing course, and I have enjoyed it immensely up to this point. I’ve hit a snag trying to get an understanding of shadows with two-point perspective, but I’ll soldier on and figure it out. At this point I’ve only drawn images from photographs but I hope to one day draw pictures from my mind. The primary goal of learning to draw is to be able to recreate landscape pictures from our hiking and climbing trips, and I really want to do portraits. There are some truly amazing artists out there and I’d love to be able to capture images of our activities.

Alana is back to her regular training program. She’s discovering the importance of keeping up her body conditioning over taking breaks in training. There have been a few days of muscle soreness as her body readjusts to the rigours of rock climbing. There are plenty of changes to the organization of sport climbing this year, but she’s maintaining her goal of trying to get to the national level. She’s in a new division this year, a tougher age group, but with some clear focus, she could make it.

I received a huge compliment from my violin instructor this week as he pointed out I’m no longer a beginner and I’m approaching the intermediate level. I must say I blushed when he called me ‘a violinist.’ My lessons have increased in time which also means an increase in music for me to practice during the week. Perhaps one day I’ll perform at the concerts at the music school. Maybe…

Weekly Quote:
“One cannot inherit a talent for the violin there are no violins in nature. Instead, one must be motivated, able to benefit from practice and persevering.” – Marilyn vos Savant

Have a great week.

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